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“Dragon’s Egg” Bath Bomb Review

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

Today’s review is going to be a little different, Shotz and Mira are collaborating on this review! Text in pink will be by Shotz, and blue will be by Mira.

We’re back again with another bath bomb review (I’ve actually still got loads of reviews to write because I’ve tried loads so bare with me until I do so).

Today we’ll be looking at the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb, it costs £3.95 from Lush, you can buy yours here.

This is what it looks like, it doesn’t look like much at first.

I imagine this bath bomb would be good for those who like Game of Thrones, due to the nature of the theme. Now, I don’t know whether or not this was done intentionally or if I just got a faulty bath bomb, but as soon as I dropped this bad boy into the water, it kept spinning and spinning in the water, it was super exciting to see, I didn’t know bath bombs could do that.

Soon after, golden rays came shooting out from the bath bomb (I’m assuming because it’s an egg, the yellow core is the “yolk” of the egg) infused with golden glitter (but nowhere near as much as the intergalactic bath bomb), and a powerful citrusy scent with a hint of jasmine filled the room. This bath bomb also has popping candy which makes a really weird noise in the bath so don’t be startled when you hear it.

Very shortly you will start to notice some strange gelatinous egg looking things pop up around the bath (see picture), I think they’re meant to resemble mini dragon eggs, but they 

just creeped me out and looked kinda fleshy. They’re also really fragile, I ruined a bunch before I could safely place them on my hand for this picture. They start to dissolve with the bath water after a while. But they’re still really weird.

I’d give this bath bomb a 7/10, it made my skin feel great after the bath and it smelled wonderful, also popping candy is exciting! 





Hey hey hey it’s Shotz now for my part of the review.

I loved this bath bomb, I needed something good after my previous experiences where I went nuclear with the Sakura review and this one totally delivered. This one was really fun to watch as with these reviews, so I can get the best pictures I sit outside the bath when I drop it in and this one was really entertaining.

As always here is what the bomb looks like during the dissolving stage:

As you can see it stays true to the egg theme where the effect on the water looks like an egg is leaking out as it dissolves and it’s really awesome to watch and look at, here’s a better look at it when its more in the later stage:

It’s kinda like it’s erupting and it doesn’t skimp on the yolk effect either, once it’s all out your bath is gonna be super orange like so:

Weirdly enough for me I don’t think I got the little dragon eggs Mira got so when I saw her images of them I was really confused, so either I’m super blind or mine just didn’t have them.

There’s not a whole lot I can say that Mira already hasn’t other than the smell is really cool, the effects really light up your bath tub and it’s a really enjoyable experience to watch it dissolve other time as it takes around 5 minutes in itself to dissolve so it doesn’t skimp out UNLIKE SOME BATH BOMBS.

I can totally recommend this bath bomb for you all to get and I’m giving it a 7.5/10

Thank you for reading our co-review, as for me I will be releasing a non-bath bomb review soon as it’s one of my favourite bath products to use (I practically use it for every bath), see you soon! 

Until next time, Shotz.


  1. Dame Judi Dench Dame Judi Dench

    u guys u should put an actual bomb in your bath..

  2. Thats just top swerve reviewing

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