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“Frozen” Bath Bomb Review

Hi everyone, thank you for coming on the blog and reading (my) first review today I’ll be reviewing a bath bomb that was me and Mira both got which is the Frozen bath bomb which I’m pretty sure is based on the movie both in looks and bath bomb effect/design.

First off however I do want to apologise for how badly I’ve procrastinated this review (whoops!) but they say better late than never, right?

Now to get onto the actual review, as I said before this I’m pretty sure is related to the movie, which I watched years ago and it was pretty good but this isn’t a movie review it’s a bath bomb review. First off, putting the bomb into the water I can see that the real fun comes from the center of the bomb where it seems to dissolve around this cool middle circle where when in the water you get 2 separate streams from each end which looks really awesome as it moves and spins around in your bath.

This is what this effect looks like:

As you can see, once the bath bomb dissolve a bit more you can see all these cool bubbles in the center and the streams from each end get larger as well, which really sells this bomb well for me as it is one of my favourite dissolving effects out of all of the bath bombs I’ve used.

I think however my favourite part of this bath bomb is the after effects of what the water looks like, here’s what I mean:

The camera doesn’t do it justice, the water is so sparkly and blue it just looks so awesome and I love it, the whole tub looks like this and you will get covered in these sparkles, so make sure you clean your tub out properly after this 😉

Because of my laziness I can’t actually remember what this smelt like so I do apologise for that, but I don’t remember is smelling bad at all so you should be fine if you decide to get this 🙂

I will rank this bath bomb as being up there with one of my favourites, purely for that after affect and the cool design where its creates the separate streams really fascinates me, so I give this bath bomb a hard 9/10.

Thank you for reading my first review, until next time, Shotz.


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  2. Abyss watcher Abyss watcher

    Nice one. And don’t worry about your lazyness.. keep making them high quality like this 1 and you’ll be ok. 😉

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