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“Sakura” Bath Bomb Review

Hello hello hello, I return for my second review and boy is this one gonna be fun to write. Today I’m going to going over the Sakura bath bomb from Lush, it costs £3.75 and this is what it looks like:

Now, being the giant weeaboo that I just am, I assumed that a bath bomb named after a Japanese flower would be cool as shit, and the bomb itself looks really cool and I was expecting a similar experience to the Frozen bath bomb I previously reviewed where all of the fun will come out at the top where the purple stuff is, but good lord was I was so fucking wrong.

Here’s what this piece of shit looks like during the “dissolving” phase of a bath bomb:

Looks great right? I was so disappointed with this bath bomb and I had much higher expectations but I safely say this is the worst bath bomb I’ve ever used, bewildered by the quality I rushed to the Lush website to look at the reviews and I wasn’t even sure I had the same bath bomb as these reviews because they were giving this floating cocaine piece of shit 5 star reviews saying it was their favourite god damn bath bomb.

I can easily summarise the whole bath bomb in a single paragraph, you drop the bath bomb in the bath and then it dissolves in less than a fucking minute and all you get is the above white mess, I had trouble actually getting my camera to focus on this white mess whilst it dissolved and that was the best photo I could get. During the dissolving, I saw some stuff appear on top of the water and the water looked a little cloudy, but it disappeared very quickly and was never seen again:

So then within the minute, the bath bomb had dissolved and this is the best that my bath looked like:

Not very exciting, and to make it worse that affect didn’t last long either and within 5-10 minutes my bath looked like nothing had been put into it and the rest of my bath felt horrible, so I ended up reading the JoJo Manga in anger and sadness.

The only slightly redeemable thing with this bath bomb is the scent, which I guess was the whole main focus of it since it had nothing else going for it, it did smell pretty nice and I will admit the scent stayed on me after the bath, but I have baths late at night and then shower again in the morning anyways and as expected that scent was totally fucking gone by the time I showered and it was like the bath bomb was never there, at least there was no cleanup afterwards with it.

Maybe I expected too much out of this bath bomb, after all it was only £3.75 but you can get a bottle of bubble bath for that and it’ll do miles more for you.

I do not recommend this bath bomb at all, so please don’t buy it.

I give it a 2.5/10.


Thanks for reading this anger filled review, until next time, Shotz

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  1. gotta say this shit is top notch 10/10 good job my fucking dude

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