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“Shoot For The Stars” Bath Bomb Review

Is this a fucking JoJo reference?

Hellooooo it’s Shotz and this ones gonna be a fun one.

So as you’ve already guessed I’m a big JoJo fan so when I saw this in the shops I knew it was destiny that I had to buy it, I mean god damn the name is a reference to Star Platinum, the design and colours look so much like Star Platinum I just had to.

So getting into it, the dissolving effect is a good 2-3 minutes as it goes on and looks like below:

You can see the star on the bath bomb is kinda doing it’s own thing already, but I’ll get onto that bit later. In terms of the colours it is very much so like my trusty Frozen Bath Bomb with the colours being a bit darker and more akin to the actual bath bomb colour.

For the smell as I’ve stated before I’m really bad at describing smells but it smelt like the generic bath bomb smell I’m noticing with bath bombs, but that isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the smell at all, so the smell was fine for me in general.

Like other bath bombs you get the cloudy mist among the colour at the top like so

And then once that clears, you end up with this cool blue colour for your bath

As you might be able to tell in this picture you can see some small white dots, most Lush bath bombs are littered with glitter and you sure as shit notice that when you have to clean your bath afterwards, but with this I noticed these white dots which I’m going to assume are meant to be the white stars in the night sky which I thought was really cool and cute! So that was a nice surpirse.

Now to move onto the stars, I didn’t notice this until one hit my leg when I was in but the stars on the sides had broken off and they were doing their own little thing

This was dissolving much slower than the original bath bomb and when I touched it to see what it was doing it was very crumbly in my hands and spread its orange colour all over the place, so these little stars were their own entity in the whole bath bomb and roamed my bath until they dissolved on their own, I attempted to pull one of these out and it made a bit of a mess on my bath and my hands but I made it, so here it is:

So yeah, that about does it for Star Platinum- I mean Shoot for the stars bath bomb! Overall it was a pretty good bath bomb with some unique features which made is decently enjoyable, so I think for this I will give it a 7.5/10, good bath bomb yes yup ora ora ora ora yes yup good bath bomb.

Thanks for reading my dudes, until next  time


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